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GSM Fundamentals Innovations in mobile radio communication ,Cellular mobile radio systems, first Generation 1G,Explaiing the evolutionary concept and adaptation of GSM standards, Adaptation of frequency bands.GSM PLMN standards ,Current mobile communication situation and marketing trends, Cellular Systems, Satellite systems.

2G BTS EDGE/GPRS Introduction to EDGE , Describe the GSM Network Architecture and the Flexi EDGE BTS solution, Describe and understand the Transmission Architecture used in GSM/EDGE, Describe the functionality of the EDGE, Demonstrate reconfiguration of the vendor specific EDGE BTS, Nokia Platform. GSM Basics E-Learning, GPRS Basics E-Learning, EDGE System E-learning, TCP/IP Basics E-Learning, General electrical, telecommunications transmission, radio equipment, and antenna systems. Basic personal computer skills, Explain the differences between the combining options vendor specific. Perform the Commissioning and Integration of a Flexi EDGE BTS to the pre-configured BSS, Installation and cable configuration hands on.

3G BTS WCDMAPM Counters in vendor specific WCDMA BTS, HSPA, Code resource management, RNC DSP resource management. ATM, IP, Frequency hopping, Carrier spread, RAS Overview, Transport interface and transport options. Antenna systems, BTS features, WCDMA features, License management, Vendor specific module overview and commissioning procedures. Advance level Troubleshooting with fault identification, Procedure to replace hardware

Radio Access Network Detailed overview of RAN counters, KPIs to evaluate performance of the main RAN procedures, BSS Overview, Traffic Channels ,TCSM Basics, Introduction to vendor base stations, BSC architecture and functions, Adjacent cell handling, Radio network parameters, GPRS,EGPRS handling in BSC, Location based services, Identifying and describing BSS network elements. Modify and interrogate the radio network by MML, including adjacent cells, Explain GPRS/EGPRS network structure and GPRS/EGPRS configuration. Eg: Gb over IP and Multipoint Gb interface

NSS Mobility management, Signaling- Channel concept explanation and burst formation in details.RAB resource allocation sequence, Signaling overview, A interface, Abis Interface, Air Interface, CS Procedures and scenario, GPRS Interface, PS Procedures and scenario, SIGTRAN,IP Monitoring, Handovers

OSS Advance TMN Level 2,OSS Fundamentals, CALEA Fundamentals, Network management and Operations training, NGOSS/eTOM/SID fundamentals, OSS-J Fundamentals,SNMPv3 Fundamentals, TMN Fundamentals Level 1.


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