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Founded in 2014, J.C Gracomm International is a company specialised in, and devoted to, providing premium services within the Telecom industry. J.C Gracomm international offers nearly 20 years of experience, which was gained across the globe. Now based in the Netherlands, JC Gracomm International operates internationally by providing services throughout the world and also has its own training center in Noida, India. With its multi-faceted business, J.C Gracomm International can deliver solutions for any possible Telecom issues you may have.

Firstly, J.C Gracomm International in the Netherlands provides coporate trainings which can be customised to suit your every need. Furthermore, we aid in the implementation of a vast array of Telecom services to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible. What makes J.C Gracomm international so succesful is that we provide the right people for the job. The international experts we provide can be from our company however, if needed, we outsource to make sure you receive the best possible expertise.

Secondly, J.C Gracomm International has founded the Training Institute in Noida, India. In Noida, the institute educates students in various programmes for B2C. Noida offers certificate training in:

- Cisco - Microsoft - Juniper - VMWare - Red Hat

Also, we offer training programmes in:

- CCNA - MCSE - CCNP - Linux - CCIE - Microsoft - CCSP

Since its founding our excellent institute has educated over 35.000 students. The majority of our students are from India however Noida welcomes from all over the world from countries such as the USA, UK and South-Africa. We help our students start their careers by educating them in telecom and IT solutions, making them valueble assests to any IT company.

J.C Gracomm international excells in the telecom industry by not only providing telecom services but by also educating others to be able to solve solutions themselves. We prize ourself on educating other from all across the globe, as to gain vital understanding of various international markets and cultures. Our international experience ensures that we are adaptible and understand various working environments, which results in a pleaseant and effiencient collaboration.





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J.C. Gracomm International B.V
laarderweg 77 3755AM Eemnes The Netherlands
Tel: +31637384050
Email Id: Contact@jcgracomm.com
Webisite: www.jcgracomm.com

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J.C. Gracomm International Pvt.Ltd
C-28 ,Sector 2,Next to Nirulas,
Noida 201301 INDIA
Tel: 0120 4116260
Cell: +91 9818589342
WhatsApp: +91 9958165401
Email Id: Contact@jcgracomm.com
Webisite: www.jcgracomm.com

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